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At JosDeVries we like to challenge ourself.

As the new role of the flagship is more about branding & individual engagement and technology is thriving, we should be able to create a successful format on less then 120m2.

What we did?

We starting thinking from the current garden centra. What could be a way to give a boost to the brand image and one of the most important categories 'plants'? How can we deepen the experience and engagement of costumers with this category? 

Our idea was straight forward. We need to create a store that is really flexible. Giving and creating room to show how plants can support every lifestyle & season.

Our learning;

Content is the key. Showing the need for retailers to start thinking and acting more as a magazine.

Creating three zones:

Inspirational zone.

Where physical experience is combined with technology. Showcasing powerful video content but also offer the customer to step in a different world.

Informational zone.

Offering all kind of information and advise about the plants on display.

Conversion zone.

Buy through e-commerce and get it delivered at home. Spots of impulse: Small related (up & cross sell) products that can be easily carried while shopping.


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